Robust User Verification For Your Platform

Identify verification? Check. Background authentication? Check. 
Protect your platform and its user base with Latch.

Fast, high-level security checks.

Run a check on yourself or verify the identification of your users in minutes using the industry’s fastest ID and background checks. Latch supports a wide range of global identity documents for a streamlined, security-focused service.

Use Cases

Attract & delight the right users.

Keep conversion rates high with simple security checks focused on your users. Attract honest customers and eliminate fraudsters; we integrate Artificial Intelligence with human processing for a bullet-proof ID and background checking process.

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Flexibility & 

Why Latch?

We’re trusted locally and globally, and already work with an impressive suite of growing companies that recognize the importance of more innovative security measures. Instill trust in your brand, and protect yourself from the inside-out.

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Third party API integration.

Making things easy for your developers, integrating Latch with your platform is highly straightforward. Enjoy greater transparency and control during the hiring process, with out-of-the-box integrations for best-in-class background check APIs.

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